Jaguar XJ Sport Pack – 2012

2012 Jaguar XJ Sport Pack






Jaguar XJ Sport Pack is available throughout the XJ range – consisting of a number of exterior and interior design choices that clearly underlines the firm side of the car’s personality. External appearance of XJ has been made more dramatic with the addition of optimized aerodynamic changes to bodywork and special alloy wheel designs for Sport Package. Changes in functional aerodynamics Sports Pack allows the supercharged XJ models will be offered with additional Speed ??Pack, which increases the limited top speed of 155mph (250km / h) 174mph (280km / h).

Jaguar XJ Sport Pack can maintain a slim figure that 0.29Cd aerodynamic XJ standards. This change has been strengthened with the addition of a number of cosmetics that clearly distinguish the Sport Pack is equipped cars than any other model. Jaguar thick radiator grille, a key feature in the face firmly XJ with a strong factor ‘rear view mirror recognition’ net profit gloss black finish with the same treatment applied to the lower air opening and side vents. Decorated with red painted brake calipers mounted Jaguar name behind a new 20-inch alloy ‘Venom’ diamond-turned wheels with sparkle silver finish for their eye-catching five split-spoke design.

Jaguar XJ Sport Pack in the skin softgrain offers a large number of adjustments – including enlarged side bolsters – to create a perfectly tailored driving position. Active ventilation heat or cold air supply is required for each individual front seats. On the driver’s foot pedals sit purpose stainless steel engraved with the name Jaguar engine. The rear seats have been trimmed to match the front pair and Sport specification will be offered in two colourways purposes Jet Jet or Jet for over Ivory. Eye-catching piano black trim that highlights the specific surface touches on the contrast in the specification XJ Sport with finely applied carbon fiber highlights.

“A car capable of 174mph should have certain basic attributes – stability, aerodynamics, exceptional strength and little weight maybe XJ is blessed with all these qualities in abundance and with the addition of Speed ??Pack it into a more impressive performance sedan,” Mike Cross, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity. Jaguar XJ Sport Pack is available at almost all engine variants, including twin-turbo diesel muscles, market-specific and 3.0 petrol V6 naturally-aspirated 5.0-liter AJ-V8 which serves to emphasize the sporting character and driver involvement are core strengths of each model XJ. In the AJ-V8 supercharged model, the Sport package can be combined with the Speed ??Pack, which increases the maximum speed of electronically limited 155mph (250km / h) 174mph (280km / h).

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